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I may ruffle some feathers with this post but I feel it needs to be said. If you're a baseball player 14-18 years old and play High School baseball and you're talented enough to play at the varsity level as a freshman or sophomore than you better be able to compete against 18-year-old and sometimes 19-year-year-old seniors. I know very few can do it but the ones that can have put the work in and played up in age group most of their youth career. You don't get better by beating up on teams that are inferior to your talent mix. I know some players are more gifted than others and some are late bloomers but the ones that succeed are the ones that have challenged themselves and don't back down to better competition. If your son or daughter doesn't want to grab a bat and face someone that may be blowing it by everybody then they may not be mentally ready to compete against better competition and if that's the case they may need to reevaluate how they are going to advance in the sport. I've been around some great coaches and one of the takeaways that I've gotten is that you never worry about what the other team does, your job is to go out there and compete! Plain and simple do what you have to do to get better as a player. This isn't Rec ball and feelings are going to get hurt. Stop worrying about wins and losses and start focusing on player development. We had a 13u kid yesterday in our tournament that topped out at 77mph but it didn't phase the team he was throwing against they went up to the plate and accepted the challenge, some of them struck out but other attacked and barreled up the baseball. We have got to get away from this damn mentality that we need to be put in a perfect situation to succeed. Life isn't that way and God forbid neither is baseball. WORK HARD, GET BETTER, WELCOME COMPETITION and go out and compete your ass off!

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