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Get Mental In the box
What can batters do to get mentally prepared to hit?
  1. While in the dugout, look through the hole in the top of your batting helmet and focus on the opposing pitcher to pick up his or her release point, determine if he or she is tipping pitches, and gain all the information you can.

  2. Establish a routine before each at-bat that allows you to focus (e.g., breathing, focusing your eyes where you want to hit the ball, singing your favorite song, etc.)

  3. Have a plan based on the score, number of outs, the inning and any special situation.

  4. Visualize success.

When you are mentally ready to play, you have a better vision of the game, which allows for synchronized mind-body communication. Muscle memory increases and you are more likely to make great plays on the field. As you learn more about the kinds of things you need to think about (or do) before games, things that allows you to play with confidence, be sure to write your findings in your sports journal so that you won't forget them later. I leave you with this "Breathe"  Clear your mind and the bat will follow.